Bakersfield Distribution & the Advantages of Distributing Coffee News!

Become a Bakersfield Coffee News®  area distribution outlet and gain free local exposure while making your clients happy!

Coffee News Distribution Texas Bay AreaCoffee News® is distributed free to restaurants and other locations through out the Bakersfield area providing a positive diversion for their customers while waiting for their food or services.


Everyone can read and enjoy Coffee News as it truly is a family friendly publication with new trivia, horoscopes, jokes and more each week! Check our our “What’s Happening” feature each week as it lists local current events.

Coffee News Distribution Texas Bay AreaRestaurants and other establishments love Coffee News® as it supports local business. They become a “Buy-Local” partner in the community, connecting their customers to the local merchants who advertise.

Maximizing your franchise distribution in the marketplace provides  increased readership, resulting in increased visibility for the businesses who advertise. The greater the readership, the greater the value ad rates as a result. Learn how to become an distribution outlet, contact us here.